The Other Mother In The White House

Marian Robinson, mother of Michelle Obama and Craig Robinson, interviewed at the White House for "Sunday Morning." March 1, 2009
Two women are celebrating Mother's Day in the White House this year: Michelle Obama, of course, and another, less well-known woman. That would be Marian Robinson, the first grandmother.

Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother, reluctantly moved from Chicago to Washington, D.C., in January with her family. The move, she told CBS News, was way out of her comfort zone.

"They're dragging me with them, and I'm not that comfortable," Robinson said. "But I'm doing exactly what you do: You do what needs to be done…and that's what they do…they do what needs to be done..."

But things seem to be changing for 71-year-old Robinson.

Though she keeps a low profile -- she's only been seen at a White House concert in honor of Black History Month and at the annual Easter Egg Roll -- she seems to be having a good time in the nation's capital.

CBS News senior White House correspondent, Bill Plante reported on The Early Show that she's largely remained out of the public's eye -- and that's the way she likes it. But her schedule is filling up.

The first lady even said last week that her mother has such a full social life that she and the president sometimes have to plan their schedule around Robinson's.

"She is not recognized anywhere, so she doesn't live in a prison the way the President and the first lady do," said Sally Quinn, Washington Post columnist. "...I think that she loves it here and that she is really enjoying it, much to her surprise!"

Quinn added that there have been reports that Michelle Obama now has to hire babysitters because her mother is going out so much.