The Notebook: VP Debate

All eyes tonight are on St. Louis, where the two vice presidential candidates will hold their one and only debate, at Washington University.

Whether it's curiosity about Governor Palin or Senator Biden, 65 percent of voters, in our latest poll, say they are very likely to watch tonight. The audience may be even bigger than for last week's presidential debate.

But before we all get carried away, one cautionary tale: 20 years ago, the vice presidential candidates Lloyd Bensten and Dan Quayle met for one debate. Bensten told Quayle he was no Jack Kennedy, and was widely considered the winner.

The underdog Dukakis campaign couldn't wait for their bump in the polls the next day. And when the results came in, they had gained one point. Their pollster said, people never vote for vice president. Over the next few weeks, we'll learn whether this year makes history, yet again.