The Notebook: The Jet Blues

Hi. I'm Russ Mitchell, sitting in for Katie Couric.

For thousands of travelers around the country, it was the trip from hell. They found themselves stranded on planes for up to 10 hours during a brutal Valentine's Day blizzard.

The airline responsible, Jet Blue, has been black-and-blue ever since, and just announced plans it hopes will repair its damaged reputation.

It will spend up to 30 million dollars -- a lot of that in penalties for delays. And it plans to institute a passenger's bill of rights -- all to try and keep this nightmare from happening again.

A lot of air travelers can only say: it's about time.

For years, cost-cutting and corner-cutting have made flying something less-than-wonderful. Fewer flights have meant fewer empty seats -- but a lot of frustration. Ever try to re-book a cancelled flight?

After these "jet blues," maybe someday soon the only "blues" passengers will experience...will be above the clouds.