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The Nominees: Michelle Williams

With "Brokeback Mountain," Michelle Williams graduates from teen idol to serious actress.

She is nominated as best supporting actress for her portrayal of Alma, a young cowboy's wife who slowly realizes that her husband's heart belongs to another cowboy.

In real life, she lives with Heath Ledger, the movie's Ennis del Mar, and their baby daughter in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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    She is from cowboy country originally, though. Born Sept. 9, 1980, in a small town in Montana, she reportedly graduated from high school at age 15, gained legal emancipation from her parents and moved to Hollywood to start her acting career.

    In 1998, Williams won a regular role as Jen Linley on "Dawson's Creek," the WB network series. By 1999, she was popping up on teen magazine "hot lists."