The Next Natural?

There is a place in southern Louisiana where reptiles still outnumber residents and sunset is still the only street light. And it's here where a local kid has become a legend over a talent that's raw as catfish, reports CBS News Correspondent Byron Pitts.

At six-foot-six, size 18 shoes, he is Paul Bunyan with a baseball bat: Greg "Toe" Nash — from Sorrento, La.

In this age of big league scouts and computerized stat-sheets, the Nash family didn't even own a phone. So "The Toe" went unnoticed until a recruiter heard about a "big banger" who played ball in a sugar-cane field.

But not anymore. Because he can hit a baseball 400 feet, throw it 95 mph. Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Devil Rays signed him to a pro contract for $30,000.

"I love baseball. I just love being on the field," admitted Nash.

Abandoned by his mother, Nash dropped out of school in 7th grade. But he learned to play baseball in the backyard with his father tossing bottle caps at a broomstick.

"My dad used to throw them to me. Like with a broomstick. I used to just hit them," recalled Nash.

Now however, Nash is learning a new lesson: the bright lights of celebrity can also burn. Shortly after his story made national headlines came revelations he'd been arrested five times. Charges include marijuana possession, simple robbery and assault. Before he can make it to the Big's, he'll have to complete probation.

"This is not a bad kid. This is a young man who has made some poor decisions and poor choices. His mom left at age 12 and basically there was very little guidance and structure in his life," explained the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Dan Jennings.

Now he has both. So from here on out, it's up to "Toe" Nash — baseball's newest phenom.

"I just feel like I was around the wrong people, the wrong company and made bad choices. I'm just moving forward now," offered Nash.

He is a kid with a gift that fate has given a chance.

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