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"The Next Best Thing" author Jennifer Weiner: I'm missing a filter

(CBS News) "In Her Shoes" author Jennifer Weiner has been told she writes what some women are really thinking. Weiner said it's because she's missing a filter.

"Somebody at one of my readings once said, 'You write what I think," Weiner said Monday on "CBS This Morning." At first she thought it was a compliment, but then Weiner said, "What's wrong with me? That I'm saying what people think, but know better than to say?"

"It's like I'm missing a filter," Weiner said. But then she laughed and said her missing filter, "Has provided me with a nice living."

Weiner's nine best-selling books have sold 11 million copies in 36 countries. Her new novel, "The Next Best Thing," is about a young writer with big Hollywood dreams.

Weiner credits her writing voice to advice she received in creative writing classes. "They always said write the book that you don't see on the shelf, that you'd want to read." She wrote her first book at age 28, after a terrible breakup. "I said I'm going to write a book where the girl is a lot like me, and the guy's a lot like Satan."

To see Weiner discuss what it was like when her mother came out, check out the video above.

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