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'The New Public School Parent'

Before becoming president of the National Education Association, Bob Chase was a middle school social studies teacher.

When his daughter was having trouble in math, he asked to meet with her teacher in order to obtain extra help for her. After being put off several times, he took action and became more involved in his children's education.

Chase learned several things along the way and decided to put his knowledge in a book that would give parents the tools they need to make sure their children receive the best education possible.

Chase says he hopes "The New Public School Parent: How to Get the Best Education for Your Elementary School Child" would steer parents to the best course for their children's public education. He says the book is designed to be an empowerment tool. The child's learning will be enhanced by the parent's ability to navigate on his or her behalf, according to Chase.

He says he also wants the book to inform parents of how schools respond to certain situations and how teachers react to various problems. The bottom line, according to Chase, is making sure your child gets the best education possible.

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