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The Naked Fashion Show

Legend has it that screen goddess Marilyn Monroe was once asked what she wore to bed at night. Monroe replied, "Chanel No. 5, of course."

The models at what was billed as the "world's first Scent Show" followed in Monroe's footsteps Wednesday when they pranced down the runway naked except for the fragrances they were "modeling."

Well, not completely naked. The female models were allowed to keep their shoes on, but their male counterparts padded around barefoot.

To protect the models' modesty — or maybe just for fun — audience members were given blindfolds to wear. Judging from the photos of the event, it appears that some people might have taken a sneak peek here and there.

The Showbuzz has not been able to confirm exactly where on their bodies the models wore their perfume.

Frankly, we'd rather leave that to the imagination.
By Judy Faber