The "N-word": Is it ever okay to say it?

An honest discussion about a racial slur with Byron Pitts, a reporter who speaks from experience

Is it ever okay to say it?

Overtime editor Ann Silvio has a frank discussion about the N-word with correspondent Byron Pitts, whose report on "60 Minutes" this week is about a new edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" that omits the racial epithet and replaces it with the word "slave."

Watch Byron Pitts' report

Pitts starts the conversation by prompting Silvio to say the N-word and then explains why he decided to say the full word in his "60 Minutes" report. Pitts cites two precedents: Ed Bradley and Andy Rooney both said the word in previous reports on the broadcast. Yes, Andy Rooney.

Pitts also describes his own childhood experiences with the word: at age 10, a white schoolmate's parent hurled the word at him on the sidelines of a football game. It was the first time Pitts was called N-word, but it wouldn't be the last.