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The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

We may have retired our "What Was Andy Thinking" feature, but Mr. Rooney continues to hold our interest. On last night's "60 Minutes," Rooney delivered what was perhaps the Platonic ideal of a Rooney segment. Click the box to watch – you won't regret it. You can also check out the excerpt below, which we submit encapsulates Rooney at his most delightfully Rooneyesque:

"Downtown has gone out of style in a lot of American cities. It's moved to the outskirts of town.

I've been to Des Moines, Iowa several times. I don't know why they put "Des" in front of 'Moines.' They call it 'DE MOINES.' 'Moines' means 'monks' in French.

A lot of interesting city names begin with T. Tacoma, Tucson, Tulsa, Tuscaloosa, Terre Haute, Toledo, Topeka.

I only like to go to cities I've been to before so I'll probably never get to Fargo, North Dakota."

One side note from last night's segment: At one point, Rooney said that he didn't know Pittsburgh is "on an island, like New York City." As it turns out, that's not exactly true – as you can see from this map, while the city is surrounded by rivers on three sides, it's no island.
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