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"The Murf" by Rendezvous: a video about life, the universe and everthing

(CBS) - Take a tour through space and time in this stylish music video. British electronica group Rendezvous apparently like dealing with big issues. Issues like time, the universe and everything in it. It's a lot to take in, but it's a little easier when you have an imaginative and colorful video like this.

The song is "The Murf" and the video was created by animator Scott Benson. On his blog, Benson explains the idea behind the video:

Initially, the video was going to be comparing and contrasting how quickly life moves in the universe - insects and small things living for days, people living for decades, and stars "living" for eons. I was reading a big book on evolution at the time, and wanted to do something involving the progression of life and how it marches on despite it's fragility.
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