The many intense steps before a 737 plane takes off

(CBS News) As someone who loathes flying (we're talking Xanax to even get me near the terminal), this video made my heart race just watching it. But, I will say I also found it very fascinating and informative. If you ever wondered what goes on in the cockpit before takeoff, watch this insanely detailed and interesting video compiled from a bunch of push-offs posted by golfcharlie232 above. Headphones not included.

Yeah, we all know that most commercial jets practically run on autopilot these days, but it's good to know that the pilots actually are involved, especially during the scariest part for anti-fliers like me -- takeoff. And no offense to pilots, they have a very important and skilled job, but I like the fact that planes can kind of, sorta (am I wrong here?) run by themselves if they had to. And this video proves just how intense being in charge of hundreds of lives and tons of machinery can be. Did you have any idea how much went into pre-takeoff? I sure didn't, but I think I'm glad I know now.