The Manning brothers rap about football on your phone

(CBS News)  Peyton and Eli Manning prove once again that some pro athletes can actually act and be funny. The brothers star in a new commercial for DirecTV touting a feature that allows users to watch football on their smartphones. The video is so side-splittingly good, that we're letting the fact that it's technically an ad -- trying to sell us something -- slide. Go ahead, and get sucked into the hysterical lyrics and catchy hook in the video above featuring the two famous NFL players rapping their football-loving hearts out.

The song being "sung" in this faux-rap spot is titled "Football on Your Phone," and shows the bros dressed up in what they think (80's?) "rappers" would wear, all while singing crazy, nonsensical lyrics, with booty dancers in the background and a cameo from their dad Archie Manning -- and Alexander Graham Bell (kinda). Trust us, you won't want to miss this ad, if only for the fantastically terrible wigs. Oh, and you may never look at milk the same way again.