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The mad world of '70s Tupperware parties

The mad world of '70s Tupperware parties 08:28

Before Mary Kay started handing out pink Cadillacs, a popular way for housewives to make a little extra cash was by selling Tupperware. As you'll see in this classic "60 Minutes" piece produced by Al Wasserman, all across the world, women invited their friends over for Tupperware parties. An amused Morley Safer found himself in the midst of enthusiastic housewives -- from Japan to England to Atlanta, Georgia -- evangelizing the wonders of Tupperware through song, dance, and silly Tupperware-burping games.

But for many of these women, selling Tupperware wasn't just fun and games. You'll meet one couple who claims to have sold $2 million worth of the patented plastic containers in a single year. Feel like you missed out on the Tupperware craze? According to the company Web site, a new Tupperware party begins somewhere around the world every 2.2 seconds. Meet you there!

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