The Lucky Seven

For the McCaughey septuplets, it was just another day. But for their parents, Bobbi and Kenny, receiving the keys to their brand new home was the latest chapter in a story of extraordinary community support and generosity, reports CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin.

When asked how it felt to walk through the front door, Bobbi McCaughey's face lit up.

"Oh, it's just an amazing feeling, like so many people care enough are generous enough to want to help out family they don't even know," Bobbi says.

Every inch and every detail of this 6,400 square-foot home was a gift from local businesses. That included double washing machines, double microwaves, and plenty of space to feed the hungry.

Rounding up support was the work of Governor Terry Brandstadt. "I've seen us come through the farm crisis of the '80's, the flood of '93, and I've seen so many times that when there's a need, Iowans pull together and help," says Brandstadt.

There was definitely a need, as the McCaughey clan grew from 3 to 10 in just one day last November. They were cramped in a tiny two-bedroom home, and now they can spread out and watch their children grow.

"The best part is watching them grow and develop and play with each other," says a delighted Kenny.

The McCaughey's move is next week, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving: a holiday that will have more meaning than usual here.