The Lion King Australia cast provides in-flight entertainment, this week on The Feed

This week's most popular viral videos include a crazy car vent, two-legged boxer Duncan Lou Who's first trip to the beach, a grandma dancing to "Ice Ice Baby," Dane Jackson's 60-foot waterfall drop, a bulldog puppy kissing a baby, 40-year-old Joanne Milne hearing sound for the first time and the cast of The Lion King providing some in-flight entertainment.

First up, posted this adorable video of a bulldog puppy kissing a baby.

In the next clip, a super-charged air vent, shared by John Hickey, shows one possible reason they don't make Pontiacs anymore.

When this grandma gets cooking, she's heats up the dance floor, too. Watch her amazing moves in this gem posted by Cheryl Atwood.

Then, GoPro posted this clip of Dane Jackson plummeting 60-feet down a waterfall in Veracruz, Mexico.

Two-legged boxer dog Duncan Lou Who takes his first trip to the beach - and has a blast - in this spirit-lifting video posted by pandapawsrescue.

In an extremely emotional video posted by BirminghamMailNews, 40-year-old Joanne Milne, who has been deaf since birth due to a rare condition known as Usher Syndrome, hears sound for the first time.

And, DisneyOnBroadway shared this video of the cast of the Australian Broadway production of The Lion King, performing the classic song "The Circle of Life" on a plane before takeoff.

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