The Legacy

Children Strive To Live Up To Famous Parents

It's an obstacle every child must face: living up to the parents' accomplishments. But for those whose parents are famous or fabulously successful, this problem can be even more difficult. 48 Hours takes a close-up look at the offspring of several well-known people.

A Novel Life: Correspondent Erin Moriarty profiles Victoria Gotti, whose father, mob kingpin John Gotti, is serving a life sentence in federal prison. But the daughter has made a life of her own, even as she remains loyal to her family.

Another Pete Rose Plays Ball: Correspondent Harold Dow reports on the son of baseball great Pete Rose, who is himself a baseball player. But with less talent than his father, Pete Rose Jr. must struggle in the minor leagues.

Father Of Note: Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on one man's search to find out the identity of his birth parents. To his surprise, he finds out his father is a well-known musician.

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