The Jury Speaks

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It was close: 4-3.

Keith, Jerri, Alicia and Elisabeth voted for Tina. Rodger, Amber and Nick voted for Colby.

When asked by CBS' The Early Show's Bryant Gumbel if anyone would change his vote, the Survivor jurors all said a resounding "no." But some said it was tough to choose.

Elisabeth thought that either Tina or Colby could have won – they both played "such a strong, strong game." But America’s sweetheart went with her heart, and chose Tina.

"In talking with Tina about the possibilities of what she would do, you know, blue sky king of talking, I just really – I fell in love with her sentiment and what she would do for it and how much it would mean to her to contribute to her family as a woman," she told Gumbel.

For the woman whom America loves to hate, it was an easy choice – Tina all the way. Jerri said that she felt all along that Tina was her biggest threat, but "it is important to remember that Tina went through the entire game without getting one single vote. And to do that in this game is just – I mean, it is a huge feat in itself. So when it came down to comparing strategies and that sort of thing, Tina, by far, was a landslide."

And she said she didn’t choose Colby because, even though he had won all the immunity challenges, they were all based on physical strength. She thought that Tina "outwitted" him. Left unsaid was anything about her flirtation with Colby that didn't work out.

Nick disagreed. He thought that everyone was pretty well matched physically and that anyone could have won. He was impressed that Colby won them all. And he gave him credit for winning the memory test.

Rodger said that he felt all along that it would be a close vote. He said it was a tough choice, but that he felt Colby "had played the game a little bit harder and had played it to outwit, outlast and outplay."

For Alicia, the deciding factor in going with Tina was the pole challenge. "When I was standing on the pole with Keith and Tina, and I saw and I witnessed – I’m standing out there with them and Tina was unfazed. I saw – she didn’t even face the beach where everybody was sitting and waiting for us to get down. She turned away. She was not going to move off that pole." She went on, "People followed her. She had the lead. She was the leader. She controlled what was happening. And she definitely, definitely deserved to be the winner."

Gumbel wanted to know how much politicking went on. He noted that Jenna, Gervase and Sean, members of the first Survivor game, had told him that it went on right up until the end.

But considering all the plotting, planning and scheming that went on while they were playing the game, the jury somewhat surprisingly said that very little politicking went on once they were voted out.

Nick said he just wanted to decide for himself. Alicia didn't want to be swayed by what anyone else tought - she knew that Jerri didn't like a lot of people, but didn't want that to influence her vote. Elisabeth said there were things she just wanted to keep to herself.

For Keith, the final member voted out, it was a toss-up. "When I went back to the safe house, I was only there for a few hours. I guess I was the swing vote. I could have gone either way. And I kind of sat on the wire. It really was difficult for me."

But he cast his vote, and Tina won.

The jury has spoken. At least until Survivor III.

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