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The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

The news leak controversy could hardly have come at a worse time for Ken Starr's obstruction of justice investigation, CBS News Senior White House correspondent Scott Pelley reports.

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Starr is in the midst of critical and delicate negotiations with Monica Lewinsky's new lawyers. Now the two sides are
trying to see just how disruptive this storm is going to be.

Before now, Starr's prosecutors had all the leverage. They told the new defense team they wanted to interview Lewinsky in person soon or she would face indictment.

Now the prosecutors are on the defensive. One source says Lewinsky's lawyers are waiting to see if Starr has been wounded by a controversial article in the new media magazine, Brill's Content.

That article claimed Starr "leaked the most damaging details of the investigation to a willing, eager press corps." If true, that would seem to violate grand jury secrecy laws.

At the very least, it struck a nerve. Starr blasted the magazine, saying the "reckless and irresponsible attack borders on the libelous."

This not just a PR battle. The stakes shot up Monday night when a federal Judge summoned the lawyers to an after-hours hearing. Judge Norma Holloway Johnson wants an explanation for the leaks in three weeks.

Starr's office has been consumed the last two days with writing a detailed rebuttal of the magazine article.

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