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The House Hears From Starr

MINORITY COUNSEL:"Don't you think your statement to the press...gave a very distorted picture of the facts?"

House Hears From Starr
Kenneth Starr's appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 19, 1998, included a wide range of legal background and accusations of presidential wrongdoing. Here are video highlights from the independent counsel's testimony.
David Kendall Questions Ken Starr:
DAVID KENDALL: "Nothing in this overkill of investigation amounts to a justification for the impeachment of the President."
DAVID KENDALL: "There has been no case remotely like this in terms of the massive leaking from the prosecutor's office."
Excerpts From Committee Questioning:
"The referral does...indicate the ties we saw to earlier phases of our investigation."
MINORITY COUNSEL: "Part of being being free of conflicts of interest."
"We had no interest whatsoever in doing anything other than our duties as honorable prosecutors."
"I certainly think there is strength in the proposition that no person should be above the law."
Testimony Excerpts:
"The President misused his authority and power as President."
"The President used governmental resources and prerogatives to pursue his relationship with Monica Lewinsky."
"This referral is . . . about obstruction of justice, lying under oath, tampering with witnesses, and misuse of power."
"The evidence suggests that the President chose to engage in a criminal act."
"The president made false statements not only about . . . Ms. Lewinsky, but about a whole host of matters."
"He deflected and diverted the investigation by telling aides false stories."
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