The House Built Of Jack

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It takes a certain kind of person to build a house made of 10,000 pounds of Wisconsin Monterrey Pepper Jack cheese.

Cosimo Cavallaro is that man.

The New York artist had to go all the way to Powell, Wyoming, to realize his dream.

Residents of Powell, a small farming community, had mixed feelings when they first got wind of the idea.

Some questioned whether the house was art, and others suggested it would draw birds and rodents.

Ultimately, locals pitched in for the massive project of crumbling and melting the cheese, which was then spread on every surface of an empty house, including its furniture and television sets.

There's no word on whether the bizarre creation did boost the neighborhood's rat and bird population, but, time's up for the Cheese House.

It will come down on Monday, 20 days after the first of the gooey mixture began to be applied to the building.

Chamber of Commerce head Sharon Earhart said thanks to the house, a lot more people now know about Powell, Wyoming.

Mayor Jim Milburn agrees and says the house put Powell on the map. Saturday, the town even threw a parade in honor of the project, complete with a cheese king and queen.

A motel worker says given the seriousness of the times, "it was a wonderful distraction."

Cavallaro says he considers the cheese house a success and appreciates the interest it drew.

He also has fond words for the people of Powell, where he says he walked in as "an alien" and walked away as part of the town.

This isn't Cavallaro's first adventure in cheesy art.

His previous works include cheese coatings of a model and a New York hotel room.

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