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The Honesty Quiz

Whether it's someone "borrowing" the newspaper from your front step, or new allegations of insider trading and accounting shenanigans at GigantoCom Corp., it seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is doing something dishonest, unethical, or illegal. Take the Honesty Quiz to see how you stack up in the ethics department.

1. You're shopping at a department store when you accidentally knock an expensive crystal bowl off the shelf. It shatters. You're alone in the aisle – no one saw. You…

a. Immediately find the store manager and offer to pay for the bowl.
b. Walk out of the store. It was an accident.
c. Immediately find the store manager. Point to another customer and say you saw him or her deliberately smash the bowl.

2. You're taking a stroll when you see a stray $20 bill fall from the pocket of an elderly woman walking in front of you. She doesn't notice the fallen money. You…

a. Pick up the money, and hand it back to her.
b. Pick up the money. Hand her a five and tell her she dropped it. $15 is a reasonable finder's fee.
c. Pick up the money and pocket it. Finders Keepers.

3. You are supposed to spend Sunday afternoon at your in-laws' house. Sunday morning, your friend calls; he has just won two tickets on the 50-yard line to the big game, and he wants you to join him. You…

a. Go to your in-laws house as planned. You've already made the plans.
b. Tell your wife the truth. Ask her to tell her parents that you have a terrible migraine and couldn't bear to crawl out of your dark room.
c. Tell your wife that your boss just called. It turns out there's a big project due Monday morning and they're really counting on you. Sorry…

4. You take your 13-year-old son to a movie. The box office cashier assumes that he is younger and charges him for a child's ticket, a saving of $6. You…

a. Tell the cashier your son's true age. It doesn't set a good example to cheat, even passively. 15
b. Take the cheaper ticket, but explain to your son that in most cases, one should be honest. 10
c. Take the cheaper ticket. It's no big deal. 5

5. You and your friend are metal-detecting for coins and jewelry on the beach. While he is taking a break, you find a money clip on the beach with $100 cash in it. You and your buddy agreed to split whatever you find 50-50. But now you're tempted to keep the cash from for yourself. You…

a. Tell him about your find and then split the money evenly. It's only fair.
b. Tell him about the additional loot, and suggest that you talk about how to distribute in a way that leaves both of you comfortable.
c. Don't tell your partner. You got the extra cash with your own initiative. It's yours.

Tabulating Your Score: For every "A" answer that you chose, give yourself 15 points. For every "B" answer that you chose, give yourself 10 points. For every "C" answer that you chose, give yourself five points. And no cheating!

What Your Score Means:

Above 65: You're a straight shooter. Your parents taught you well.

46 – 65: Unless you're planning to enter politics, you need to brush up on your ethics.

25 – 45: Congratulations! You have a bright future as a CEO or an accountant.

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