The Homecoming: How To Help

Find Out How To Help GIs And Their Families

Find out how to help members of the military in Iraq and their families.

Contact information for the three soldiers profiled in "The Homecoming" on 48 Hours Investigates:

Robert Acosta
419 W. 19th
Santa Ana, CA 92706

PFC Alan Lewis Fund
c/o North Shore Bank
1900 N. Martin Luther King Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212

David Pettigrew Recovery Assistance
c/o US Bank
Attn: Donna Gerbstadt
6 South Tejon Street, suite 400
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
More than 350 soldiers wounded in action have passed through Walter Reed Army Medical Center since the war began.

Contact information:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Red Cross Office, Building 2
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington D.C., 20307

Veterans of Foreign Wars Of The United States (VFW)
The VFW is a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations to support programs such as:

Military Assistance Program (MAP) – This program was set up specifically to assist members of the military and their families. MAP has an emergency assistance fund, and its "Adopt-a-Unit" program has been a success. Recently, MAP donated $25,000 to Landstuhl Medical Center to purchase clothing for hospitalized war-zone injured and sick service members.

Operation UpLink – This is another VFW program that has distributed more than 3 million telephone calling cards to members of the military and hospitalized veterans. It has distributed approximately 2 million cards in the last two years.

106th Rescue Wing (Air National Guard)
The 106th Rescue Wing is made up of approximately 1,000 men and women of the New York Air National Guard. Located in Westhampton Beach, Long Island, N.Y., it's the only Air Force combat rescue unit in the Northeastern United States.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center
William Beaumont Army Medical Center is a Department of Defense medical facility located in El Paso, Texas. It provides comprehensive care to all beneficiaries including active duty military, their family members and retirees.

Fort Carson, 4th Infantry Division,
More information on David Pettigrew's unit, based in Fort Carson, Colo.

Fort Stewart, 3rd Infantry Division,
More information on Alan Lewis' unit, based in Fort Stewart, Ga.

1st Armored Division
More information on Robert Acosta's unit, based in Germany.

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