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The Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama Effects

Two posts of interest today on The Daily Beast. The first is by editor Tina Brown, who explains why Senator Clinton would be a good pick for the Obama cabinet and why her stardom would eclipse President-elect Obama in ways that benefit him more than her:

Once Hillary dropped from view, no-drama Obama became a tiny bit boring for a while. As his presidency gets grueling and sour, as it will surely very swiftly become, he will need her again like Batman needs Robin. Not only is she super-smart and wired to Washington, she distracts the press while he gets on with governing.

I'm not sure I completely agree with Tina Brown, but her reasoning is individualistic and spunky.

Then, there's writer Geraldine Brooks's take on Michelle Obama's "Closet Agenda." She says, in so many words, the same thing I blogged about several days back: that the mom in chief routine is a carefully wrought diversion from her negatives during the campaign. She's clearly kinder to Mrs. Obama than I was. But she adds she doesn't think Michelle's ruse will last long and that Michelle has little intention to remain a mom in chief for long.

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By Bonnie Erbe

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