The Ghost Of David Coffin

Will Justice Be Served In A 10-Year-Old Murder Case?

This broadcast first aired on April 7, 2007. It was updated on June 19, 2007.

It was the night of Dec. 10th, 1996 when Megan Lee watched firemen struggle to gain control of the inferno at the home of her boyfriend David Coffin.

"His best friend came on the scene and I had to tell him that David was dead," she remembers.

"You see flames shooting out of the roof of your best friend's house. The feelings are horrible," Craig Foster remembers. Like Megan, he was also in disbelief.

As correspondent Maureen Maher reports, their grief and fear only deepened when fire officials revealed that David had died before the fire even started.

Adding to the horror, it was the second time that same day someone close to Megan was the victim of violence; the first incident involved her estranged husband, Scott Davis.

Davis told her he had been ambushed that evening, right in front of his house. "The person was wearing a ski mask, put a gun to his head, sprayed him in the face with Mace and said to stay away from Megan. And, my name is actually pronounced 'Meegan,'" she explains.

Now, hours later, Megan's soon-to-be ex-husband had even more bad news. He had been attacked a second time, and this time, the assailant had actually used his gun.

"The suspect turned around and shot at Scott Davis. Scott then returned fire with five rounds from a shotgun. And the suspect was able to hop the fence and run off," says Patrolman Michael O'Connor, who took the report.

Scott Davis also said that before all the shooting, the man set fire to the back of his house, by the patio. Davis managed to put it out, but the timing was terrifying-it was just hours after David's house was set aflame.

Homicide Detective Rick Chambers naturally suspected there had to be a link between the two victims. "The same person that killed David Coffin's gonna be the same person that attacked Scott. And so [we] wanted to get his story while it was still fresh in his mind," Chambers tells Maher.

Although she was connected to both victims, Megan could not imagine who would commit the crimes. Who would attack her estranged husband? And why would that same person cut down her new boyfriend, David Coffin, in the prime of his life?

David was a 41-year-old entrepreneur looking for business ventures in Atlanta when a friend introduced him to Megan.

Best friend Craig Foster began to wonder if David's bachelor days were numbered. "David and Megan did get serious rather quickly. She had a lot of qualities he desired," he explains.

But there was one rather sticky issue: Megan's divorce from Scott Davis was not yet final.

Coffin spent Thanksgiving week with his father, and told him about his new girlfriend. "He'd say, 'Dad, you'd love her," David Coffin, Sr. remembers.

Coffin's father, patriarch of a wealthy and established New England clan, was a cautious man and advised his son to take his time.

David Coffin, Sr. says his son told him the whole story, including Megan's impending divorce from Scott Davis, and acknowledges he was concerned.

In fact, Davis was not quite ready for divorce and was having a hard time letting Megan go. "He kept on talking about this line. 'Don't cross this line,'" Megan says. "The line was having an intimate relationship with somebody."

Asked if she was sleeping with David, Megan says, "And so I crossed that line."

After Thanksgiving, David returned to Atlanta and spent the next weekend at Megan's apartment.

That Sunday morning, David came home and found that someone had broken in. Most of his prized possessions were there, but a few were missing, including watches, guns and his beloved Porsche.

Two days later, David's house was torched and he was dead. In the wee hours, Megan went to the police station to give a statement. She wasn't alone, though. Scott Davis was there, too.