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The Getty Museum called for people to recreate works of art while in quarantine — and they did not disappoint

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The world famous J. Paul Getty Museum in California may be temporarily closed due to the coronavirus crisis, but that doesn't mean it has stopped inspiring people to love art. The museum challenged its followers on Twitter to recreate works of art with what they have available in their homes — and the responses certainly did not disappoint. 

"We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home," tweeted the museum last week, followed by instructions for the project. "Choose your favorite artwork. Find three things lying around your house. Recreate the artwork with those items. And share with us."

The museum also included a link to their collection of artwork — and "inspiration" for others' recreations, courtesy of museum staff. 

The museum's employees went above and beyond with their efforts. One employee recreated the piece "Portrait of a Halberdier (Francesco Guardi?)" by Italian artist Pontormo, also known as Jacopo Carucci, using a field hockey stick instead of a battle weapon. Another person utilized cans of tuna and a block of cheese to imitate an 18th century still life by French artist Jean-Siméon Chardin. 

People even brought their families and pets in on the fun, with one woman recreating "Madonna and Child" by Italian artist Master of St. Cecilia with her adorable French bulldog. Another man utilized what appears to be his entire family in his interpretation of the piece "Initial G: The Virgin, Saint Elizabeth, and the Infants John the Baptist and Christ" by an unnamed Swiss artist. 

Eventually, others on Twitter joined in on the fun. Twitter user @LenaMrva recreated the 15th century piece "Madonna and Child in a Window" by German painter Martin Schongauer, with a baby from the 21st century. 

Many others also recreated works from other museums and locations. One Twitter user took an abstract take on the famous piece "The Scream" by Edvard Munch — utilizing several household items to make a sculpture of sorts. Account @michaela99 recreated a famous graffiti piece by street artist Banksy with a boy and a bouquet of roses. 

CBSN anchor Anne-Marie Green even took a crack at the challenge — recreating "Madame Manet on a Blue Sofa" by famed artist Édouard Manet from her own sofa. 

Both the J. Paul Getty Museum locations —  the Getty Center in Los Angeles and Getty Villa in Malibu — have been closed since March 14 in an attempt to "minimize the spread of coronavirus," according to its site

California was one of the first states in the nation to put in place strict precautions and measures against the coronavirus spread — locking down the San Francisco Bay Area on March 17 and the whole state just days after. 

However, the Getty Center's home, Los Angeles, has not yet seen the worst of the outbreak. Mayor Eric Garcetti is prepping citizens to adjust to the new way of life that could last for some while. 

"This could last at least two months, maybe a third. And remember, there's not just a light switch that goes on and life comes back to normal," Garcetti said. 

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