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The Game Console Battle

TheyÂ're calling it a super console. SegaÂ's new Dreamcast game machine that goes on sale starting September 9th. 9-9-99. TheyÂ've already launched a 100 million dollar advertising blitz to try to unseat SonyÂ's Playstation as king of the game machine hill. Sony wonÂ't have its next generation Playstation out until some time next year. So enough with the hype, lets take a look at what Sega has come up withÂ…. First of all, itÂ's a surprisingly small package with a lot of punchÂ….

Â"ItÂ's a 128 bit system. So what that means to an average consumer is that itÂ's ten times more powerful than a Nintendo 64, fifteen times more powerful than a Sony Playstation and even four times more powerful than a Pentium II.Â"
SegaÂ's Jennifer Walker says all that power is put to good useÂ…

Â"YouÂ're going to see speeds of sixty frames per second, beautiful color, amazing 3D graphics.Â"
It has the Windows CE operating system built in along with a 56K modem for online gaming and moreÂ….

Â"So for the first time ever, you can hook up to the Internet and do things like chat, web browse.Â"
The price, 199.99. You can find more information at

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