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The Eyes Have It

When it comes to beauty and makeup, women may seem to be constantly looking for new ways to freshen and brighten their looks.

Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo visited The Early Show to work his magic and provide some ideas to help women look beautiful with hot looks that transcend into the real world for the spring.

Longo is the style guru sought after by everyone, from international celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Mena Suvari and Cindy Crawford, to magazine editors.

The master makeup artist also creates cosmetic for professionals, as well as the every woman.

On The Early Show, Longo demonstrated some makeup techniques that will go well with various tones.

Lightening Things Up: Longo says he wanted to lighten things up with pink by adding the color to eyelids and lips. For eyeshadow, Longo says white is huge this seasons and it works with most skin tones. For lips, again the color will be soft. Longo says the pale lips on warm skin tones also goes along with the look of contrasts in textures and colors, which is perfect for this spring and summer.

Rich Tones: Longo used rich skin tones to stain the cheeks and lips. He says richer skin tones can wear stains well, which is a very trendy look for spring and summer. With the stain, says Longo, you can create great looks that go from the gym to going out at night, and even to the beach. Because the colors are sheer, stains are the perfect way to give yourself a little color and polish without looking too made up.

Day to Night Makeup: Longo also explained Tuesday how a daytime makeup could transform into a fabulous evening look without too much time or trouble. He said the basic ways to convert your look from day to night is by adding more mascara, redefining eyebrows, and possibly deepening the eyes a little bit.

So, if you're wearing a light eye and lip, you can add black to the outer corner of the eye to make it more dramatic. You can also define your lips with a nice lip pencil (which many women don't use during the day) and re-apply a deeper lipstick.

Longo says, with these little touches, everything goes up a few notches and creates a little more drama in a woman's life.

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