The evolution of PC games told through music and gaming

(CBS News) I'm a gamer. And not the outdoors, sporty type.  What can I say? I get a thrill from killing dragons in Skyrim, trying to beat Inferno mode in Diablo 3 (no, I haven't gotten to Hell yet), beat Dark Souls (twice!) and just about all things gaming on console or PC. Which is part of why I got such a kick out of this video entitled "The evolution of PC games" that shows how far gaming has come over the years by turning video games into a form of music. Check it out.

The creative music video (of sorts) was posted by YouTube user Polygon, who was previously featured here for another history meets gaming meets music video, and who writes about this latest project:

From the earliest text-based adventures to the latest modern shooters, Reverse Enginears has created a stunning musical composition featuring only sounds and music from PC games.

Another awesome and fun video that appeals to my inner-nerd (the outer part is pretty much nerd, too). To check out more from Polygon, you can visit their website by clicking here.