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The epic warehouse-sized Hot Wheels race track

(CBS) - Did you ever play with Hot Wheels? Matchbox cars? Did you ever make some sweet tracks for your miniature cars to race around?

Well, sorry to be the one to tell you this, but unless your tracks involved stainless steel, hundreds of cars, and a warehouse-sized course, you've been one-upped. Kinetic sculptor Chris Burden just so happens to have a matchbox car track with all those things.

Don't get too jealous, guys. It's art. California's Chris Burden has made a series of innovative sculptures, including the one above, titled "Metropolis II." The whole apparatus involves 1,200 custom-built cars on 18 lanes. In an interview with the New York Times, Burden said, "every hour 100,000 circulate through the city. It has an audio quality to it. When you have 1,200 cars circulating it mimics a real freeway. It's quite intense."

Intensely cool? Yes indeed.

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