The End Of The Road?

As CBS News' Fernando Suarez reports, the Clinton campaign today emailed reporters regarding signing up for travel with the campaign through June 6th – three days after the final primary, and two days after many political observers expect Clinton to leave the Democratic race.

But while Clinton may be sending a signal that she is going to stay in the race beyond the end of the primaries and perhaps through to the Democratic National Convention, the leaders of her party have other ideas.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today said in a radio interview that he, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chairman Howard Dean "agree there won't be a fight at the convention." CBS News' Michelle Levi reports that Reid said "simple math indicates that...Obama will probably have the necessary number" of delegates he needs to become the party's nominee by Tuesday, June 3rd, when the primaries wrap up.

The three party leaders are pushing uncommitted superdelegates to back a candidate sooner rather than later in order to avoid a convention fight, Reid said, in case matters aren't settled on Tuesday. Pelosi is reportedly already contacting superdelegates in order to convince them to declare their allegiance by next week.