The Elvis Family Tree

(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police)

It's Friday, so the CBS Investigative Unit hit the crime beat for a change of pace from the government-oversight beat and came up with a doozy out of the Las Vegas PD. Meet Kristopher Wayne Presley. Twenty-three year old Las Vegas resident…aspiring rap star...and facing trial in June on charges of vehicular homicide. And if the last name didn't ring any bells, he says he's a distant cousin of Elvis. You can see it a little in the eyes.

The 2004 police incident report is vague but Presley and three friends found themselves sitting in their green 1995 Chevy Blazer (Elvis never would have rolled in that) when they were "involved in an altercation". That altercation in a convenience store parking lot involved someone hucking a 32-ounce beer bottle into the driver-side window. Presley, behind the wheel, stepped on the gas and struck Martin Diaz-Barboza before fleeing the scene. Diaz-Barboza was deceased when police arrived on the scene.