The Elephant With A Troubled Past

jenny the depressed elephant
She doesn't look capable of causing such a controversy. But Jenny, a five-ton African elephant and a favorite at the Dallas Zoo for 22 years, is moving on. And that's the problem that's caused an outcry, CBS' Dr. Debbye Turner Bell reports.

There have been protests, a city council meeting, and costumes.

Jenny's been an emotional wreck for years, having been taken from her mother in the wild, then abused as a circus animal.

At age 10, she was donated to the Dallas Zoo.

When her companion, Keke, died in May, the Dallas Zoo made plans to send Jenny to the African Safari in Puebla, Mexico. Jenny would be in a five-acre exhibit with another female to live out her golden years in peace.

"We want what's best for her," said Gregg Hudson of the Dallas Zoo. "Get her in a place where she can have a companion, get her as much space as possible ,and get her the total care she needs to be a happy healthy elephant."

But activists want her to go to the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, where she'd share 300 acres with three other elephants.

"No place else in the world can offer her that kind of environment," said Margaret Morin, director of the group Concerned Citizens for Jenny. "And we're going to make sure she goes there, because we care about her and she's family."

But because the Tennessee sanctuary is not accredited, some animal experts worry there's not enough oversight. And so the elephant with the unhappy past now has people fighting over what's best for her future.