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The Easiest Way Yet... To Get on the Net

It has taken a lot of convincing to get me to believe there are real advantages to so called Internet appliances. After all, for just a little more money, you can buy a full fledged computer that lets you do so much more. But for a lot of people...simplicity is the key. And the i-opener from a company called Netpliance, is well.... a real eye opener. It's a flat screen color display and a keyboard that sells for 299 dollars. Order it, take it out of the box and plug it in...

"So when you get it, it already has the service on it. It's pre-configured for you. It's set to go. So when you take it out of the box, you plug it into the wall, plug it into the phone line and turn it on, it already knows who you are, it has your account set up and it already knows where to dial out to."
Munira Fareed of Netpliance. You can browse the web with the i-opener, even listen to Internet audio. An on-screen menu will guide newcomers to shopping sites and such...but the latest news is there for you instantly.....

"It automatically is pre-programmed to go and connect to our servers and get the latest news, weather, sports, entertainment and financial news ...all of that...every four hours."
The monthly Internet service fee is 21.95. The i-opoener looks good enough to be in the kitchen...or anywhere in the house. You can find more information at

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