The Eagles' Joe Walsh talks new solo album's message

(CBS News) Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh's first solo album in 20 years, "Analog Man," looks at the world as "living in a digital dream."

Walsh said he's been thinking about the concept for a while and described the album as a "reality check."

Monday on "CBS This Morning" Walsh said, "Through music, I'm trying to show that we live on an analog planet, which we're systematically trashing, while we're spending more and more time in the virtual world, which doesn't exist. It's an illusion made by computers. What's really happening is that we're sitting in chairs while our bodies are waiting for our minds to come back."

That feeling about extends to music. Walsh has said nothing beats being in a room with a group of talented people just playing music.

"With the new digital technology, you can fix anything. And you can make everything perfect," he said. "It doesn't sound good to me. All the mojo is gone. You get a human performance of guys playing together in a room and there's magic in that. And it's such a temptation to fix stuff that doesn't need fixing because you can. And every time you do that, you lose a little bit of the magic that was there and that's what we love about all the old records that we all love."

When asked if he's ever met anyone who doesn't like the classic Eagles record "Hotel California," Walsh replied, "Well, the band is a little sick of it. Everybody else seems to like it."

For more with Walsh on The Eagles, his Beatles connection, an upcoming documentary on the band, and more, watch the video in the player above.