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"The Doctors" Quick Health Fixes

"The Doctors": You see them weekdays hosting the Emmy award-winning talk show.

Now, they've written a book, "The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes," in which they address small lifestyle shifts that can make big changes in your health.

Read an excerpt from The Doctors' new book

And on "The Early Show" Wednesday, the whole team: Dr. Travis Stork, an emergency room physician, Dr. Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN, Dr. Drew Ordon, a cosmetic surgeon, and pediatrician, Dr. Jim Sears, shared some of their top tips for small life changes that can make a big difference.

Stork said, "Your health is defined by the small decisions you make every day not about being a gym rat, this is about all decisions that take five minutes or less and make a huge difference in your health."

He gave the example of substituting sour cream with fat-free Greek yogurt in dishes.

"You get calcium, protein, not the saturated fats. Simple decision, big health payoff."

Masterson added, "You can actually lengthen the span of your life and have a better quality life especially like stress, we're all dealing with stress these days, there are five-minute tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to decrease that. We know stress causes high blood pressure and things like that."

Sears recommended families try reading time together.

"Even just taking five minutes out end of the day and everybody sits down and reads a little book together makes a huge difference in your stress," he said.

Masterson also discussed how sex can impact life in a healthy way.

"It is so important for a woman's self-image and body image," she said. "And that spills over into her day-to-day life, how she reacts to her kids and family and things like that, and healthy relationships we have shown also increase your life. Things that help relationships -- date night, taking a vacation -- all these little things are very, very important and we let them go as stress and lifestyle builds up."

In the cosmetic surgery realm, Ordon said five-minute fixes are also available. He suggests fillers or Botox, which can take only five minutes.

Additionally, he suggests some at-home fixes for the budget-conscious, such as diaper cream. Ordon said it is a great moisturizer and anti-aging cream that carries the benefits of zinc and vitamins A, D and C.

He added, "In general, a lot of things good for us on the inside -- avocados, mangos -- make great facials."

And what sweet food can help lower your blood pressure?

Dark chocolate.

Sears said, "Simply eating a small piece of dark chocolate once a day for two weeks can lower your blood pressure."

Stork also discussed his recent walk down an unhealthy route. To kick off the new season of the hit CBS show, he ate junk food for a week in "Project Unhealthy."

Stork said he took on the task because he wanted empathize with many Americans by eating the way many people do.

"It was addictive to me," he said.

Stork ate donuts and greasy cheeseburgers, among other things. His fellow doctors said it was painful to watch.

In one week, Stork gained eight pounds and his blood pressure shot up.
Sears added, "His mood was in the tubes."

For more with The Doctors, tune in tomorrow. They'll be back to answer the questions you submitted on Facebook and Twitter!

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