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The differences between cats and dogs (if they were people)

(CBS News) Cats and dogs are two very different animals (literally) in terms of the way they act around people. And to highlight just a few of these differences, we have a very fun parody video above that shows how these quirks might play out if cats and dogs were people instead.

The YouTube video parody sketch entitled "Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend" was posted by Fat Awesome who write about the amusing play on these two pets:

If your friends acted like your pets, you might not keep them around.

I have to say, I totally agree and probably wouldn't stay friends with either of these two types for long... just saying. So did they leave any other major differences out in terms of these two types of pets? Feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts and experiences. And to check out more fun work from Fat Awesome, you can visit their website by clicking here.
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