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The Desert - Motif Of The Season

It's been around before. In fact, many may remember it as more of a hippie look, vintage 1960s or early 1970s.

The southwest influence is bigger than ever, and we're seeing it in more than just fashion. For The Early Show's Hib Report, Contributor Laurie Hibberd went to Arizona to get a peek at the authentic native American pieces that have inspired this look.

The trend is 100 percent American - it's based on the history of our country, which fits in nicely with the current patriotic mode.

If you would like to catch this trend, the Web sites listed provide more information on the items and places Laurie featured on our show. The following are the phone numbers to:

  • Desert Queen Perfume - (866) one-bloom
  • Gilbert Ortega Gallery - (480) 949-0436
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