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"The Dad Gang" on a mission to change views of black fatherhood

Group shatters the myth of the missing black dad
The Dad Gang: shattering the myth of the missing black father 01:36

When Sean Williams moved to a mostly white area of Long Island, he said his neighbors would often compliment him for spending time with his own kids. It bothered him.

"The stereotype is just not true... to get a compliment about sticking around for your child or being an active dad is just insane," he told CBS News.

In fact, black fathers are more than just present. According to the CDC, black fathers bathe, dress or diaper the kids they live with on a daily basis more than any other group.

So Williams is showcasing this reality with his organization called "The Dad Gang."

With the goal of bringing black fathers together, a stroller squad sharing tips and advice.

With a huge social media following, Williams also promotes heart-warming moments of black fatherhood — from dancing to reunions and graduations.

"I hope it sticks in the minds of those who thought we were MIA ... that despite what the world says, despite the stereotypes that are out there, we are dad goals," Williams said.

Jumping into a modern image of black fatherhood.

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