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The constant struggle to compose the perfect email

(CBS News) I don't think there is anyone who uses email daily that can't relate to the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to send the perfect email, especially when its work or business-related. I myself am always worried the tone of the email will come off wrong -- will it be too casual, too formal, too excited or not excited enough? The whole pretense of an email can be altered by the use or elimination of an exclamation point (or a slam as we call them in the biz). Which is why the animated video above by YouTuber Domics in which he explores the difference between the informality of texting, compared with the stress of writing emails, is so hilariously spot-on.

He really nails the nuances of sending an email, down to the final signature. Some people just come off strange in emails -- I have one friend who constantly seems angry and rude over email, when she is anything but in real life. So yeah, this video is the perfect way to start off a Monday. Learn a lesson or two, but most importantly, let's just not freak out about our next "reply" (unless we hit "reply all" accidentally) -- but let's definitely not be as casual to a colleague over email as we are with buddies on text. "I'm pregnant. Lol." And I love Dominic's note on his post: "Do I hit send, or hit myself." Definitely send, and while you're at it make another video like this, will ya?