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The Changing Light

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchorHarry Smith.

It's September. And do I ever know there's plenty of news to talk about. But, indulge me this appreciation.

When I walked home through the park yesterday I could still feel the heat of summer. But when it gets to be this time of year, the light begins to change -- the angle of the sun in a midday sky, the dust from a long dry August rising in the heat to be refracted in a way that just doesn't look like summer anymore.

I thought I saw some strange ducks up at the reservoir the other day. No really, the migratory kind, but they haven't started coming through, yet. But, soon they will.

There's always an extra buzz in New York this time of year. The traffic comes to a stop with the beginning of the UN session. The opera and the philharmonic are set to open their seasons; new plays and movies are ready to debut.

It's odd in its own way. The weather is perfect for the beach. But the Hamptons are practically empty because the city is ready to be back about its business. You can tell by the light.

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By Harry Smith

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