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"The Celebrity Apprentice" pirates walk the plank

Gary Busey and Mark McGrath in the board room NBC

(CBS) One "Celebrity Apprentice" pirate got the hook but not the ax in Sunday's episode, which saw teams sell sunblock from a glass cube in the middle of New York. (SPOILER ALERT)

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Actor Gary Busey got a severe dressing down from host Donald Trump for actions that in some businesses would be considered fire-able offenses.

Busey made some inappropriate comments in a meeting with executives that, his teammates said, left one executive visibly upset.

The executives themselves later complained to Trump that Busey inappropriately pitched himself as a company spokesman when he was supposed to be telling them about his team's project.

The project was to devise outdoor marketing for a line of sun products called Australian Gold, using a glass cube. LaToya Jackson managed for the women and Mark McGrath led the men. In a boardroom episode whose lesson was how business finesse trumps ethics, McGrath was fired after the men's team lost the challenge.

The men clearly had the more creative idea - to use pirates with sunscreen products as their treasure in a chest. Even the executives admitted that they attracted the most buzz among consumers. But the men lost anyway because, they were told, they didn't make use of the trademark koala bear and the pirate theme was deemed not a good marketing tool. Huh?

As Donald Trump Jr. noted, trying to throw a lifeline to the clueless McGrath, Busey's inappropriate behavior might have turned execs against the team to begin with. McGrath failed to haul himself up, however, and insisted that the concept was his and if that was the problem, he deserved to be fired So he was.

This leaves their team still with Busey, who is proving almost useless in tasks, and without a very hard worker. Not a good sign for next week.

The women, meanwhile, had a glass cube that lacked focus with summer and winter scenes intermixed. It did have a koala bear (NeNe Leakes in costme), though she mainly spent her time wandering around aimlessly and complaining about LaToya. The big problem the execs - and Trump - had with the women? They didn't use teammate Hope Dworaczyk, a Playmate of the Year, to push the product in a bikini.

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