"The Celebrity Apprentice" hits the books

Team A.S.A.P. writes a children's book on "The Celebrity Apprentice," March 13, 2011.
Team A.S.A.P. writes a children's book on "The Celebrity Apprentice," March 13, 2011.

Lisa Rinna and Meat Loaf squared off as project managers on this week's "The Celebrity Apprentice," when the teams were tasked with writing a children's book.

But disagreements and infighting on the women's team led to one of them being sent home (SPOILER ALERT)

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The teams had to write and perform a story based on at least one of their team members for an audience of 4- and 5-year olds.

Meat Loaf takes control as Team Backbone's leader, while everyone on Team A.S.A.P. wanted Rinna to be in charge. She reluctantly accepts.

John Rich and Mark McGrath come up with a story about Little Jon, a boy who is an outcast at school. Meat Loaf opened the group's performance by making a joke about his name, and Rich and Jose Conseco dressed up in drag while Lil' Jon took on bullies as the story's protagonist.

The women came up with a story about La Toya the lioness, who had to overcome shyness in order to roar. Marlee Matlin wanted deafness incorporated into the narrative, but Dionne Warwick argued that it would be too depressing for children. That wasn't the only thing the women bickered over - the also fought for who would receive author credit on the story, while Niki Taylor thought the story's content was too mature for the audience. Rinna's authority wavers early on, as others criticize her for not taking control.

Team Backbone took the win, earning Meat Loaf $20,000 for his charity, The Painted Turtle. Former "Apprentice" contestant Holly Robinson Peete, who has written children's books, said their concept was original, age appropriate, and entertaining, even if their on-stage performance was mediocre.

The judges criticized Team A.S.A.P.'s book for its tiny text and too-sophisticated themes. Rinna brings Warwick and Star Jones into the boardroom with her, as her fighting with them contributed to the team's loss. But she took too much of the blame for herself, telling Trump that she crumbled under the pressure. It ultimately sends her home - but not before Trump can compliment her on her lip reduction surgery.