The Brothers Affleck

I have never met Ben and Casey Affleck's mom, but if I did, I just might have to give the former schoolteacher a big high five. She sure raised a pair of good ones!

Big brother Ben has always been one of my favorites to interview, but the thoughtful movie star is even more interesting to talk to off camera. His visit to our studio on Thursday yielded a discussion about raising girls (he has one, I have three) and also the Red Sox' chances of continuing their playoff run (they won last night as he predicted!)

I had never met Casey, but he came on our show a few hours earlier on the same day to promote their new movie "Gone Baby Gone" -- a critically-acclaimed star vehicle for Casey that marks Ben's directorial debut. The movie excels on both fronts, highlighting the considerable talents of the Affleck boys.

Already having won an Oscar for his writing in "Good Will Hunting," Ben takes the pen again and offers a worthy successor in adapting Dennis Lehane's novel to the big screen. The writing is excellent, along with the directing. The Boston native's choice to use locals for several scenes lends the film a real authenticity. Meanwhile, the affable and self-depreciating Casey shines in his performance of a character that requires real nuance as he deals with morally-complex issues.

What does Casey think of brother Ben's directing style? How does Ben like working with his little brother? For all things Affleck check out our chats below!


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