"The Bourne Legacy" stars Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner discuss Bourne "to the next level"

(CBS News) "The Bourne Legacy," the fourth chapter of that billion-dollar Jason Bourne franchise, based on books by Robert Ludlum, is headed to theaters this weekend. The new movie is a reboot for the action series starringEdward Norton and Jeremy Renner.

The movie "seamlessly" picks up where the last Matt Damon movie left off, even overlapping it, Norton said on "CBS This Morning." He said the movie is like exploring a larger reality of the Bourne story. "In this film, you sort of go to the next level ... and realize that the story up to now has been nested within a larger reality of a department that's been running, not only the Bourne program, but the one that Jeremy's character is a part of. And it literally just picks up a level and lets you see the larger, the ramifications of what's taken place in the first film."

Like the original Bourne films, the latest installment packs a stunt punch with intense action sequences.

Renner said he did some of his own stunts. "It was a great sort of challenge every day to do those things, you know? But it would have been a great disservice if I couldn't do those things in a very, very visceral, sort of authentic movie."

However, he added, "I could do quite a few of those things, but not all of them, nor would I really want to..."

For more with Norton and Renner talking about their co-star Rachel Weisz, as well as violence in Hollywood films following the Aurora, Colo. shooting, watch the video in the player above.