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"The Boss" Still Going Strong at -- 60!!

Bruce Springstein turns 60 on Wednesday. It's a milestone for "The Boss," but not one that slowing him -- or other celebrities -- down.

So, is 60 the new 40?

Springsteen is almost eligible for Social Security, but he's still drawing crowds like he did in his 20s.

Nathan Brackett, deputy managing editor of Rolling Stone magazine, told CBS News, "You have a whole generation of fans who go out and have been listening to Bruce's music for 40 years. I think Bruce is a role model for all of us."

For Hollywood women, CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reported, 60 was about as welcome as crow's feet. But not anymore.

Actresses Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep both recently turned 60, but crossing the 60-year-old threshold has not brought their careers to an end.

In fact, they're doing some of their most celebrated work. Lange recently won an Emmy for her role in "Grey Gardens," and Streep has inspired early Oscar buzz for her role as Julia Child in the movie "Julie & Julia."

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Nancy Perry Graham, the editor of AARP magazine, called this shift a "renaissance."

She said, "These actors are free of constraints of worrying about age and able to do some of their best work."

And other celebrities aged 60 and over are still making headlines. Gene Simmons of Kiss fame is now famous for his own A&E reality show, "Family Jewels." And Twiggy, the first supermodel who burst on the scene in the '60s is celebrating her 60th birthday with a photo exhibit in London.

Brackett said, "There's the classic Paul McCartney line,'Will you still need me when I'm 64?' Now Paul McCartney is well over 64, and he's still doing it. So these people show no signs of slowing down."