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The Big Chill Is Back

It may have been slow in coming, but across the country people awoke to discover that Winter has finally arrived.CBS News Correspondent Diana Olick reports.

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas especially in the Midwest where some drivers were left surprised and stranded by the sudden change.

Icy cold is being blamed for nearly two dozen highway deaths since the weekend.

Never mind the weeks of record-breaking highs nationwide, temperatures now seem to be taking a lesson from the stock market, jumping and dropping in a matter of hours.

In Tennessee

it was a 51 point spread when the mercury dropped from the seventies to the teens and Tennessee just barely beat Texas. Temperatures in the panhandle dropped from the 60's to the 20's.

In Dallas, trucks began spreading the sand and the news that the area may be in for a major ice storm. But in Orlando not much of anything was getting around in all the fog.

"It's been so long since we've had snow, I forgot what it's like," said one Buffalo, New York resident.

Not what you'd normally hear in Buffalo in December, but then, you wouldn't expect Lake Michigan to be this warm either, or frost in Fresno. Temperatures there dropped to 22 degrees. One farmer said 85 percent of his orange crop is gone.

In New York, it was the high winds. Winds that blew away a sixty degree morning and are now leaving behind a bitter last few days to finish up the holiday shopping.

Reported by Diana Olick