The Best Time To Buy

What things cost apparently has a lot to do with when you buy them. If you like to shop and get discounts, there are certain items to buy in certain months to get the best deal possible. Stephanie Auwerter, editor of joined us to explain how it works.

September is the best month to look at cars. "The 2008 models are coming onto the lots, so the dealers are anxious to unload those remaining 2007 models," AuWerter explains. Dealers are more likely to negotiate price. It is suggested to look for cars in September, but it is likely the deals will get better as the fall progresses, but you will have more options in colors and extras sooner rather than later.

September is also the best month for holiday air fare. AuWerter explains it's never best to wait until the last minute hoping for the best deal, because you won't get it. "There are only so many cheap seats on the plane, so you want to get them while they are still available or someone else will get it."

October is the best month to get a discount on jeans. "You've just passed through the back-to-school shopping season," says AuWerter. She also explains that you might even see some better deals this year because fashion trends are leaning towards dresses. When the demand comes down for denim, you tend to see a decrease in price.

It's also best to get new toys in October. New toys hit the selves in September, and in October the prices start to fall as stores look at their competition. AuWerter also suggests it's the best time to get the toy now for the holiday season because you don't have the craziness of holiday shopping and there is less pressure.

In the month of November, it's a good time to buy sneakers and wedding gowns. When it comes to sneakers, again, we are through the back-to-school season, and retailers are looking to clear sneakers off the selves to make room for winter boots. And when it comes to wedding gowns, most brides get engaged in November and they put the purchase of the dress on the back-burner because of the holiday season. November is the time when the bridal stores are quieter and retailers are more willing to negotiate on prices.

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by Jenn Eaker