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The Best Selling Digital Cameras

There is one simple reason why Sony's Digital Mavica cameras are at the top of the heap...and simple is the key word. The cameras store digital pictures on built in floppy disc drives...

"And while it seems like kind of retro technology, the fact that it is compatible with virtually anybody's PC, it's readily available, it's inexpensive and everyone's comfortable with sort of that kind of connectivity to their computer...that's why it's been so successful."
And so...says Sony's Dan Nicholson...over half the digital cameras sold in the United States...are Mavicas. Don't think other manufacturers haven't noticed. Panasonic is out with what it calls the SuperDisk PalmCam. It has a built in SuperDisk drive that lets you store photos on regular old 1.44 megabyte floppies or on 120 Megabyte SuperDisks. Hold on to your lens cap, that means up to 15 hundred images can be stored on a single disk. The camera can also connect to your PC via the USB port, letting you use that built in SuperDisk drive for all kinds of storage. On the downside, because of the built-in drives, the Mavicas and the SuperDisk PalmCam and bigger and not as comfortable to handle as many other digital cameras on the market and they tend to be pricier too. But if you are looking for convenience in transferring digital photos or sharing them... they are hard to beat.

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