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The Best Fence For Your Home

Thinking about builiding a fence? Danny Lipford, the host of "Today's Homeowner" visits The Early Show to offer advice on fencing.

A new fence around a home can provide instant privacy as well as make a yard both safe and secure for children and pets. The right fence can also add beauty, character and value to a home. So homeowners need to consider many factors, including the different types of fences that are available, as well as personal taste and budget.

What to consider before building a fence:

  • Personal Taste - Take a look around your neighborhood and determine what you like - style, material etc. Also, determine what type of fence will complement the architectural style of your home, landscaping and neighborhood.
  • Safety - Do you need to keep your children and pets in? Or do you need to enclose a pool area?
  • Privacy - How much privacy do you want? You can choose either the private 6-foot-tall fencing with solid board or a shorter version with more space between boards.
  • Budget - Keep in mind the cheapest fence initially, may not be the cheapest fence over the life of the fence.

Basic Fence Options:


Advantages: Beautiful, natural look. Affordable and easily and quickly installed.

Types of Wood Fences: Stockade, Picket, Shadowbox, Solid Board, Split Rail.

Important: Use pressure-treated wood and stain after three to six months.


  • Picket, 4'x8' size, approximately $4-$5 per linear foot
  • Stockade, 6'8', $3-$4 per linear foot

Metal (Chain Link & Aluminum)

Chain Link Advantages: Economical, maintenance-free, good for pet control, graffiti resistant.

Ornamental Aluminum Advantages: It is an upscale version of a metal fence andprovides a unique, custom look without the high-maintenance costs of annually scraping, sanding and painting of iron.


  • Galvanized chain link, 3'x4' area, $3-$4
  • Ornamental Aluminum
  • A Jerith Pick fence, 4'x6', $16-$17 (Jerith is a brand name)
  • Jerith Lexington Series, 4'x6', $22-$23


Advantages: Virtually maintenance free. U.V. protected. Never needs painting. The color goes all the way through, so any scratches or gouges will be almost invisible. Does not rot or rust. Strong and flexible.

Types of Vinyl Fences:Private, Semi-private, Picket and Pool fences.

Extras: There are also choices in decorative posts.


  • Lattice, 6'x6', $16-$17
  • Shadowbox, 6'x6', $20-$21

Other important things that homeowners should know about:
  • Determine the actual property line. "If you do not have the corners of your property clearly marked, it's worth it to have a surveyor determine exactly where the property line is so that you have no problem when you are selling your home," Lipford says.
  • Check on local building codes. You may need a permit and there may be other restrictions.
  • Beware of underground utilities. Call the local power company. Utility companies in many areas of the country have free services and they will mark the power line with paint on the ground itself. So check with each of the companies that service the home and have them locate underground power, water and gas.
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